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In Christianity, the goal of life is to draw close to Christ and be conformed to His likeness. This is what the word Christian means – “little Christ” or “like Christ.” When someone first starts out on this path into Christ-likeness, known as “getting saved,” they will immediately begin to see how certain things in(…)


How to Keep a Prayer Journal – part 1

Honestly, this is something I have been thinking about writing for some time, but didn’t know if I had the right to do so, because it is something that I am so inconsistent at doing. However, because there is much value to it, but little help on getting started, I figured I’d share with you(…)


How to Keep a Prayer Journal – part 2

In part 1 we talked about the logistics involved in prayer journaling, which is simple enough, but if you took the initiative to do those things, you know there is still something missing: actually prayer journaling. In this post I will tell you the sections or the elements that I have in my own prayer(…)