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Ministry Update – June 2011

Well, June is here and 2011 is almost half way over with. This year has brought some exciting changes into my life, and has recently developed some official plans for the future. As a lot of you know, during my trip to Uganda last year I was offered a missionary position with the Heart of(…)


Biblical Instructions for a National Revival

We need revival in America. I know most of you agree with that statement, but what do we do to make it happen? As I look around America today it seems that the answers given by most churches, and even by the most prominent leaders in Christianity, can be varied greatly. For some the answer is that we believers must(…)


Studying Theology

For the last few weeks I have spent massive amounts of time studying eschatology or the doctrines of end times. When I say massive amounts, I mean so much time that it has gotten in the way of me doing things I needed to be doing (like writing on this blog, for instance). Now, having(…)