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Uganda 2011 – Update #1

It has been a busy few days for us here in Uganda. The trip took it’s toll on many of the team members, and some are barely recovering from 2-3 days of travel. Among the team already we have had some sleeplessness, headaches, reactions to medicines, weariness, nausea and vomiting, but through it all, the(…)


Uganda 2011 – Update #2

The team made it safely to Tororo Thursday evening and on Friday the team split up to work on various projects. The men went to the town park and met in the youth center with about 100 men from the area. We spent the morning preaching on the theme, “Not Ashamed of the Gospel,” covering(…)


Uganda 2011 – Update #3

I have intentionally delayed a few days to post my final update from this year’s Uganda trip, because I wanted to have some time to process it all. For the second week of the trip, we spent all of our time at King’s Primary School in Bunambutye near Mbale and Mt. Elgon. It is one(…)