Monthly Archives: September 2011

Waiting on a 2-cent Bullet

Yesterday, on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, I was talking to an older man after church about all the blessings we take for granted here in America and the fact that the God who gave it all to us can just as easily take it back in an instant. (Example: the Nation of Israel in(…)


The Days of Noah

Yesterday I had a great time with some friends of mine talking about various the different difficult topics we read in the Bible, and it became a good time of remembering the gospel for each of us as forgiven, children of God. The largest passage in question was Genesis 6, where it says, “The Lord(…)


A Better “Friendship Evangelism”

I have a many great friends that I love dearly. I spend as much time as possible with the ones I can, and I miss all of them that live too far away to see regularly. I even get depressed sometimes when I can’t get some of them on the phone. (You know who you(…)