Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pixelated – Taking a Closer Look at Our Lives

I have a graphic design friend who is a genius at his job. Watching him work photoshop is like watching a master pianist quickly playing his keyboard to create something beautiful. Out of sheer inspiration after seeing him work his magic, I decided that I need to learn to do what he does. Unfortunately, as(…)


Salvation Leads to Salvation

The other day, I started reading the book of Matthew, and as I typically do while reading, I had some thoughts come to mind that I wrote down to come back to and think on later. And it didn’t take long in Matthew for one of these thoughts to come to me. The book of(…)


Ministry Update – February 2012

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS UPDATE LETTER The Flight is Booked. I’m On my way! Officially, I will be flying from Florida to Port-au-Prince, Haiti on March 1st to begin my 4 months of work there. What has changed, however, is that I will not immediately begin working with the Heart of God(…)