2014 Year in Review

Praise God For An Incredible Year!

It has been an incredible year in ministry for me. God allowed me to do things I’d never imagine in my wildest dreams, and has proved Himself faithful many times over. So, this being the last update of the year, allow me to guide you on a brief review of 2014.


January began with a trip to Uganda with our Africa leadership team in order to officially register our international organization as a local NGO. We spent time discussing vision and completing our application with our board members and lawyer while developing our support system as required by law. Contrary to being told this would take years to accomplish, we had our registration papers in hand by July!


In March, I was finally able to make my first trip to India to meet with our network of pastors and churches there. During our brief time on the ground, we ministered to many village children and lepers while praying with hundreds of individuals in and around our member churches.



An unexpected blessing opened the door for me to travel deep into Mexico in May while serving with another missionary family and their church camp program. After being stopped by the drug cartels upon crossing the border, things went smoothly the rest of the trip. We met with some pastors whom I hadn’t seen in seven years and worked with the team to make much-needed repairs to the camp facilities now that the major cartel activity has slowed in the area.


Shortly after Mexico, I returned to the mountains of Haiti where we have our church and children’s home, and where I lived for most of 2012. It was such a blessing to see the kids again and to spend time preaching in the local church. We also took a team of teachers who did a training event for the teachers of four village schools in our area, while the rest of the team did a VBS program for the school children and other much-needed projects.


In June, Eric Ream (another Heart of God missionary) and I travelled to the nation of Israel. With the Palestinian war in full swing, we encountered some major complications in travel. In fact, I was held in security for over two hours but once we were on the ground, it was an amazing trip. We met with many potential ministry partners before we took to the streets ourselves with a Christian evangelist who runs a drug rehab program.


After parting ways with Eric in Israel, I flew directly to Uganda preceding my evangelism team by two days. Once the team arrived, we spent a wonderful two weeks ministering in a big youth rally to 1000 teens, holding a leadership conference for pastors and ministry leaders, walking the streets sharing the Gospel, playing with hundreds of street kids on the grounds of our partner, Smile Africa Ministries, and sharing the Word and testimonies with the churches there. According to many of our leaders in Uganda, this was the best team trip we have ever taken there.

Following the team’s departure, I remained behind in Uganda for another 5 weeks with Matthew, a young man from my church in Odessa. Together we continued to minister in various churches and to one of the orphanages we partner with there. Though a side trip to South Sudan was unavoidably cancelled during our stay, we saw much success in ministry, including leading a handful of people to the Lord.


My last mission in 2014 was to India, and though this trip was relatively short (two weeks including flight time), it was also the most packed with ministry opportunities. I spent my 30th birthday in bed, trying to adjust to the time zone. Beginning that night, the team preached in a 3-day pastor’s conference as well as 16 or 17 individual churches, praying for every member of the churches before being rushed to the next one. We completed our time of ministry with a big open-air outreach.

Thank You

This year has been amazing. We have seen God work powerfully. The Word of God has been proclaimed, people have given their lives to the Lord for the first time or rededicated themselves to a deeper walk. There have been financial miracles to sustain us, and many people have been healed in times of prayer. While all of the glory belongs to God alone, I’m thankful He has included you and I in it all.

I just want to wrap up by saying a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who has blessed me this past year through your prayers, love and financial support. You are an invaluable part of this great work of which I have the privilege to be a part; I don’t expect 2015 to slow down at all. I’m glad to know God has allowed us to partner together this past year and in the years to come!

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