August Ministry Update



     It has been a good month in East Africa. During the HG Africa mission team’s time in Uganda, we saw two successful teacher-training events. We spent time in fellowship in multiple churches, and had a great week of working at King’s Primary School (KPS).

On top of that, many other smaller but necessary tasks also were accomplished through various team members such as updating our files for our student sponsorships at Royal Palace Primary School in Tororo and meeting with the parents in a General Assembly at KPS. Due to the inflated international travel warnings and closing of embassies, we thought it necessary to shift our final plans at the end of the mission to ensure safety. Nevertheless, we praise God for a great mission as the team arrived home safely and on schedule.
     After the team departed, Saphan, HG Africa’s Director of Prison Ministry, and I departed across Uganda and through Kenya up into South Sudan. Upon arrival I was shocked to find things have much improved in the area since we were there last November, including an established cell phone service which includes basic internet capabilities.
     Due to illness, Saphan was forced to return home after only a couple of days. Meanwhile, I pressed on in ministry along with the two Ugandan missionaries living there full-time, Joseph and Simon Peter, keeping up their normal schedule of three daily prayer sessions in the church (though I did not attended the 5am service), as well as doing various outreaches in the two local clinics, the local prison, witnessing and praying door-to-door, and again reaching out into the village of Korjip an hour away. This is the village that invited our team to come last November and donated land to build a church.
     Now, as I am sending this out, Joseph and I returned to Uganda for an annual youth conference called Youth Ablaze in Mbale, where I was added to the speaking lineup. My intention was to return to South Sudan for another week and a half, but during the youth conference my attention was needed again at Kings Primary School so the decision was made for me to remain here. Next Monday or Tuesday I will be moving again and I will spend my last week and a half in Africa with a ministry in Nairobi, scoping out possible partnership opportunities in the area.


     As I have been in South Sudan with Joseph and Simon, it has become very evident that there are some pressing needs for their ministry to continue to grow. In sharing these, I hope God may lead some of you to get involved and support a great work in this young country, as these men try to shape this culture with the Gospel and love of Christ.

     The first is simply some good study material for these two men as they do not have access to any libraries or bookstores except on their return trips to Uganda (23+ hours away). I have already committed to getting them each an ESV Study Bible which costs around $60 each if you would like to help with that purchase.

     The next pressing need is transportation, especially if the work in Korjip is going to be maintained on a regular basis. A motorcycle will suffice for this; however, it must be brought in from Kenya or Uganda. The price range we have heard is anywhere from $1500-$2500 plus the cost of transporting it here.

     The other bigger needs are funds to begin constructing the church in Korjip as well as funds to add the walls to the church building in Narus. This is probably a total of $3500 or more. Additionally, we have been raising funds to drill a borehole on the donated land in Korjip but we’re still a few thousand dollars short on that project as well.

     If you would like to donate to these projects, you can do so here. Please specify toward which project you would like your money to be directed, or simply note it ‘For South Sudan’ and we will put it where it is needed most.


    As far as me personally, Africa is one of the hardest places I have done ministry. Being alone here immersed in a culture so different, though I enjoy it, also wears me down very quickly. When you add to this the spiritual warfare and attacks the enemy throws my way, it doesn’t take long for me to want a break. The conference in Uganda was a good break from the extreme “roughing it” of South Sudan, but still, I could use a Dr Pepper right about now.

     However, what keeps me going is seeing the fruit that is born through my feeble efforts. There have been over 100 people who have come to know the Lord in the last month, making every sore muscle or sick stomach worth it. I am continually learning the truth that “the joy of the Lord is my strength,” and I have found no other source of that level of joy outside the missionary life to which He has called me. Thank you to every one of you who make this life possible for me! I couldn’t do it without you.


    It is time for me to start planning the next year in speaking engagements. I am still looking for new partners in ministry that will add to my much-needed monthly support, as well as opportunities to check in with those of you who already support my ministry or other ministries within the Heart of God Network.

    If you would like to schedule me for any time beginning in November, please contact me at (I am still looking for churches who would have me in to speak in Florida in the month October of this year, as well.) You can see how my schedule is currently filling up by visiting


  • Pray for all of my travel the next few weeks as I move around Eastern Uganda, then on to Nairobi, Kenya, and finally the two days of flights home.
  • Pray for all the new believers we have seen come to the Lord during the last month, that the seed has fallen on good soil and the roots go deep. And also pray for more to come!
  • Pray for my strength both physically and spiritually.
  • Pray for Joseph and Simon Peter, that their ministry needs would be met and that the Lord would bless their work here.
  • You can also download HGIM’s September Prayer Guide here.
If the Great Commission is true, 
our plans are not too big; they are too small. 
– Pat Morley

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