December ’13 Ministry Update

As we wrap up this year, I am so grateful for everything the Lord has done in me and through me. It has been a full year of sharing the Word of God and I am truly honored that God would use me in this way. In 2013 I had the privilege to share the Word of(…)

October Ministry Update

OCTOBER 2013 UPDATE      Wow. Another month has come and gone so quickly! I cannot believe that November is here, and before you know it we will be ushering in 2014. I will also turn 29 this month. Time really does fly when you are having fun. For me this month has been very encouraging(…)

June Ministry Update

Ministry Update June has proved to be a busy month of traveling around the U.S. for me. It started with our Africa Team Training Event which was held in Cedar Rapids, IA this year. During this event we gather together with our mission outreach teams made up of people from all over the country and attempt to prepare(…)

May Ministry Update

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS UPDATE LETTER Ministry Update May has been an exciting month for me in general as things are getting busy again. The highlight of this month, however, was traveling to Haiti and getting to see all of the beautiful children there that I left after almost 9 months together,(…)

April Ministry Update

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS UPDATE LETTER Ministry Update Last month I shared that due to riots and visa issues we had to cancel my outreach to the middle east, which would have put me in two different Muslim-controlled countries this month. With that no longer being the case, April ended up turning(…)

Interview: HG Haiti Executive Director, David Young

  In January, I had the opportunity to sit down with Heart of God Haiti Executive Director, Dave Young, to talk about the formation of Heart of God Haiti, and where the ministry is headed going forward. Check it out.   For more information about HG Haiti and how you can get involved with the(…)

January Ministry Update

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS UPDATE LETTER Ministry Update My time in Haiti is up. Erin, the new HG Haiti missionary has hit the ground running. Now, I am home to finally get started on my fundraising efforts to continue what God has called me to do. My last weeks in Haiti were(…)

Pursuing Hope for Haiti

Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake that hit Haiti and destroyed so much here. Lives lost, property damaged, and a global rescue initiative that has hurt as much (or more) than it has helped in the recovery process. As I am getting ready to leave Haiti on Friday, after spending what(…)

New Year’s Resolution Idea

It’s that time of year again when we look back at our lives over the past year and get critical of the time we’ve wasted or how we’ve let ourselves go, and start to commit ourselves to doing better in the new year. All-too-often, though, New Year’s resolutions have disappeared into the background by mid-January,(…)