October Ministry Update

OCTOBER 2013 UPDATE      Wow. Another month has come and gone so quickly! I cannot believe that November is here, and before you know it we will be ushering in 2014. I will also turn 29 this month. Time really does fly when you are having fun. For me this month has been very encouraging(…)


July/August ’14 Ministry Update

I am so very humbled and excited to write to you today about the experience I’ve had the last few weeks as Eric and I completed our survey mission to the nation of Israel. It has been very adventurous to say the least. For those that don’t know, Eric Ream is one of Heart of(…)


2014 Year in Review

Praise God For An Incredible Year! It has been an incredible year in ministry for me. God allowed me to do things I’d never imagine in my wildest dreams, and has proved Himself faithful many times over. So, this being the last update of the year, allow me to guide you on a brief review(…)