Christmas in America


‘Tis the season for a good old fashioned war on Christmas. After all, that is what it seems America has come to celebrate this time of year. But this letter is not to America, it is to the Christian. See, I hear complaints every year from fellow believers that the secular agenda in this country is out to do away with Christmas. My response is “Duh. What do you expect from people who don’t know who Jesus is? They don’t want to celebrate Him. In fact, they killed Him.” We shouldn’t be surprised that there is a cultural animosity toward us celebrating Jesus’ birth into humanity.

I am truly surprised at the outrage from so many Christians whenever a store clerk tells them, “Happy Holidays.” And I am certainly confused when it is some weird spiritual victory for that Christian to respond with an annoyed “Merry Christmas” and then brag about it to their friends.

Here is what we need to remember as Christians. There is no cultural “War on Christmas.” It is simply a small battle in the creation-encompassing spiritual war against Christ. It is not in the nature of a lost person to love Him, and God makes clear that there is no gray area. You are either a born-again, lover of Christ, or you are His enemy. Therefore, on a spiritual level, no unbeliever even can understand the meaning of Christmas, much less celebrate about it. That’s your job.

So this year, let’s try something different. As you enter a lost culture this holiday season to buy presents, or while watching the news, or wherever the battle rears up, remember, it is not the job of a lost world to proclaim the incarnation. It is yours. Don’t get the roles confused. You are the testimony of Christ. Not them. So celebrate with joy that you know your Saviour, and then proclaim it as a message of victory, not as a weapon in a futile “war.”