Evolution versus Intelligent Designers

This post was originally published on 11/19/07 on this blog’s predecessor. Somehow in the move to WordPress it didn’t come along, yet it is one of my favorites, so I did some editing and brought it back.


I have been thinking a lot this weekend about the arguments for evolution and the big bang theory compared to the Biblical accounts of God’s design for creation. This came up Sunday night in my church’s study through Job and I again found myself pondering the subject while talking to my grandma today about her house falling apart. Even now, watching an old episode of Star Trek Enterprise, I can’t get it off my mind.

I have been thinking about God as the “Intelligent Designer” and mankind who was created in His image. We were put in the Garden of Eden and told by our Maker to take dominion over the earth. In essence, we were told to continue in God’s footsteps of creating. We were to take His garden and extend it out into the rest of the untamed world. It amazes me to look at the history of mankind and see where that God-given creativity has brought us. Look at our buildings, cars, airplanes, ships, computers, and so on. Look at the Egyptian pyramids, China’s Great Wall, France’s Eiffel Tower. Think about the marvelous works of art that have been put out there throughout the ages. Read some of the classic writings of history (and even think about how we have taken those same tales and turned them into spectacular movies). Think about your favorite meal and imagine the culinary experiments that had to take place to bring it to you today. Throughout history, one thing has been proven true. Man is a creative being.

It is because of this I can watch shows like Star Trek and then walk outside, look up, and tell myself, “someday…” I believe that it can happen, and unless God intervenes in opposition or by ending our time here on earth, I think it will. He created us for those things. He created us to explore His creation and then continue to create. I think God created science to give us the ability to achieve the things we have (and will) and gave us an imagination to get us started in that direction. I believe that by God’s design we are people of infinite possibilities. But that can only be true if we really are His creation.

On the other side of the creation debate you have the arguments for evolution and the big bang. In essence, for no reason whatsoever a giant explosion out of nothingness created everything in the universe. From that explosion, this newly created matter then turned that energy into forming giant rocks, which somehow mutated into living cells, creating plants and animals and ending up in the current time of humans, which according to this story came from monkeys.

What is interesting about the formation of the evolutionary theory is that it is based on the “rule of uniformity” (which should be called the theory of uniformity because it can not be proven, like evolution which stems from it). The rule of uniformity says that evolution is possible because the ways the universe have worked have always stayed the same so that millions of years ago we see the same natural processes taking place that we see today. It must do this to deny the possibility of divine intervention such as the flood of Noah’s day or Jesus’ miracles of healing and the resurrection, because that breaks the chain.

However, by applying the rule of uniformity to this theory, it undoes itself. First of all, the rule of uniformity would state that there could be no big bang. If there were no matter in existence and nothing to create an explosion to create matter, then the universe is impossible.

After this flaw, we come to the one I want to focus on here. If the laws of physics apply then we must look at why my grandma’s house is falling apart. When you take energy (such as the sun, and the process of natural decay) and apply it to matter (in this case, the house) and extend it out over time, you get destruction.

Throw a log in a fire, that energy applied for a length of time destroys the log. Put a rock in a stream and leave it for a few million years. It won’t get bigger and then come to life. It will, in fact, be weathered down to nothing, long before that time period ends. It is not the natural process of the universe to create, then to maintain, and then to better itself. This is why it takes a handyman to come along and fix the house problems.

This leads to another dilemma. A monkey does not instinctively come along, pick up a paintbrush, hammer and nails and fix a house. Even if you could teach it to do so, the animal does not have the reasoning mind to figure out the work that would need done. They don’t instinctively care about improving the environment in which they live. They hunt and forage, rather than cultivate. If we came from monkeys, then the question comes in as to why we have this ingrained in us fully, yet monkeys (or any other animal) do not have it at all.

Mankind is designed to be creators, builders, and cultivators. That doesn’t happen by chance. Imagination is not a trait developed by evolution. In fact, imagination would be something phased out in the evolutionary process because day-dreaming would be a flawed characteristic in an environment where “only the strong survive.” Imagination and emotions would both be put away to ensure our survival.

I am optimistic about the future of mankind, because I can imagine a brighter future. I can imagine things getting better, because it is in the design of the human race to make them better.

Why is flight possible? Because the human mind saw it in birds and could imagine it for ourselves then used science to bring it about.  Same thing with space travel and electricity and the internet and everything else we have achieved throughout our history.

We were designed to be designers and everything we design takes cues from God’s original creation. The fact is, if a builder doesn’t build the house, the house doesn’t get built. If we don’t maintain the house, it goes away.