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  1. David
    February 17, 2011 @ 1:41 pm

    Interesting thoughts. Although I think there are more important subjects to be considered, I contend that man was made in the image of God. As such we, like God, are the only creatures on earth that have the ability to create. Not even the Angels, or demons, have that ability. Given this, it matters not if it was created by man or God; ultimately, we have the ability to us it as any other gift, for good or evil. The enemy, at this time, has been successful in leveraging business to draw away the attentions of men from the things of the spiritual (God). Business used to glorify God is a good use of goods and services, used to glorify man, not a good use of goods and services. In the end, the choice is ours, in business, education, recreation, or anything you can imagine, we must use it to glorify God and serve his purposes. For that matter, you could ask the same question of the church, I contend that in many cases it has become more of a business and less of a place of worship. Again, the choice is always ours. http://dadtalk.wordpress.com


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