God’s Business?

I keep a moleskin notebook in my back pocket and find myself jotting down different thoughts, cool ideas, or little to-do lists for myself as a way of freeing up brain space for other stuff. Last week I wrote down the thought I want to share this week but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. So for this week’s post I thought I’d open up a discussion and get you guys’ feedback on it.

Remembering back to Bible college, I remember being taught that there were three human institutions that God created. First was the family, second was civil government, and third was the church. But is seems to me that this list leaves out one other major institution that doesn’t fall under the other three. I mean, for instance, education should fall somewhat under all three of these categories. But my mind can’t seem to categorize business or commerce under any of the three. So here is what I wrote in my moleskin:

“Thought: God created three institutions: Family, Government, and Church.

All three are intended for the benefit of the whole community.

No evidence is given, however, that God instituted Business, yet by the time the Old Testament law was given, it was clear that business already existed. He only gave principles that guide it.

Could it be that God didn’t institute it because business is only intended for the benefit of individuals, even at the cost of community?”

Just in case that isn’t clear, what I am trying to say is that the three institutions God for sure created were created to propagate, guide, and spiritually lead the community to unity under Himself. Business however doesn’t do that. Instead, it builds profit for certain individuals within the community from the pockets of the rest. Business isn’t intended to help the community.

We know that God gave guiding principles on things like money, lending, slaves, and integrity. All of those things definitely guide how we should do business. But there is no place in the Bible where God actually starts a business, as He did a family (with Adam and Eve), or Government (Adam broke the law…), or the Church (which Jesus built).

Now, I am not attempting to imply that business is necessarily wrong. Jesus Himself would have worked in the family trade as a child, as did all of the Apostles. All I am getting at is that if business is a man-idea, and even though it is all we have ever known, is there a better alternative?

So here is where you come in. I have a lot of different thoughts about a lot of different aspects about this topic, but I want to hear yours? Do you think there is a better way to utilize your ‘goods and services’ that are meant for everyone’s benefits instead of just your own? What do you think the world of commerce will look like in the world to come (God’s Kingdom that is)? Or maybe you think I’m wrong, and God did institute business. Whatever you want to add to the topic is fair game. All you have to do is click ‘Add Comment’