January ’15 Update

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Thank You for Being Part of My Team!

I feel like I don’t say that enough, so I wanted to get it out up front. I am honored and grateful for your love and support of both myself, and this awesome work I get to be part of for the Lord. So, again, thank you. I couldn’t do any of this without you.

As many of you know, I have set aside the first quarter of this year to work on support-raising which in the past has often slipped into last minute trips overseas or illness, etc., which made it difficult to accomplish what I had hoped.

This season has gotten off to a much better start, and while I don’t feel the need to blast numbers across the internet to everyone’s inbox, I can say that January has been a significant month in terms of new financial commitments. This is good news considering the area of the country in which I live is experiencing a major economic downturn due to the drop in oil prices. This just proves once again that, even in hard times, God is good. If February and March continue on in the same way, my financial stresses will drop immensely, freeing me up to pursue other ministry opportunities with excellence. I appreciate your continued prayer in this season

New Facebook Page

As my personal life is slowly changing and taking shape for the better (hint: there may be an engagement announcement coming soon), I have decided that it is necessary for me to separate my personal life from my professional presence online. In the coming months I will begin taking my Facebook profile back down to the personal level for personal friends and family use. This will allow me to share family pictures and updates with friends without the unnecessary public exposure to so many people around the world.

In order to achieve this goal, I have launched a new public Facebook “page” where all of my ministry news will take place. This is where it becomes important for you. If we are friends (as in real-life friends), you will not be taken off of my Facebook friend list. However, whether we are personal friends or not and you want to continue receiving online updates, please click here to “like” my new page.

Writing Projects

In related online news, I am committing to once again make blogging a priority. I have not been consistent in the last year or two for various reasons, but it is something I feel can be helpful to many while giving me a practical way to share what I am learning in the areas of Christian life, spreading the Gospel, and everyday ministry. If any of that sounds interesting to you, you can follow my blog here.

Here are links to two recent articles:

  • The Process of Repentance discussing how repentance is a different from confession and seeking forgiveness. Repentance is changing the way we think about sin and committing to continue the fight.
  • The Journey to Perfection explores the idea that maybe God is just as interested in intimacy with us through the sanctification journey as He is in the completed process. If you are a perfectionist like me, you can benefit from this one.

The Heart of God Leadership Network Has Launched

In December’s update I discussed the upcoming launch of the HG Leadership Network. The rollout of this new program has been successful. This enables me to give continued influence in ministries around the world where I may not otherwise have a reach or do not currently have the ability to stay in full-time communication.
You can find the website at www.HGIMNetwork.org. Please like our page on Facebook to join in the discussions. I hope that as this program continues to develop, it might also be a beneficial tool in your own life and ministry. Here is what has been posted so far:

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for continued success in my support-raising efforts over the next two months.
  • Pray for my personal life, as you have already heard of an exciting announcement on the horizon.
  • Pray for my stress levels. They have been quite high over the last two weeks. I am still learning to manage it where necessary and get rid of it completely where I can.
  • Pray for all of the Heart of God leadership, ministry decisions being made, and future plans developing.


Donations can be made online at www.AnthonyIngram.com/Donate and you can contact me directly
for more information at 1-888-91PSALM (ext. 1) or singram@heartofgodinternational.org.

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