July Ministry Update


July 2013 UPDATE

          This month has been great for me. After my Middle East outreach was postponed in March (hopefully until early next year), and then a decision for me not to spend three weeks in Haiti last month when our missionary on the ground came home, I have finally gotten back into the swing of person to person ministry. The first week of the to Houston then taking the kids 15 hours to New Mexico. It was a great week with awesome, gospel-centered teachings on the love and

Scott Praying at Royal Palace Church, Ugandagrace of God, and I got to know a great group of kids that are really just beginning to learn what it means to be Christ followers.month I went to a church camp with one of my supporting churches as an extra counselor and van driver. This meant driving 8 hours

After camp, it was a whirlwind trying to get things together, organized, and packed upin 50lbs or less for two months in East Africa.

     As I write this update, I am sitting in Mbale, Uganda, watching our team of 11 other people organizing supplies and gifts for the children and teachers at our King’s Primary School (KPS). Already we have spent a jet-lagged afternoon at Smile Africa, hosting an all-day teacher’s conference, spending a Sunday morning with Royal Palace Church and our good friend Pastor Steven, and two full days at KPS.
     As this team continues on we will be back at KPS through Friday, with our teachers on the team working in the classrooms observing and teaching Bible lessons, while the rest work on other projects around campus. We will also be doing some village outreach, attending another local church this weekend, a large teacher’s conference, and prison ministry before the team leaves next week.
      Here is a video of the kids at Kings Primary School, being let by team member Andrea, singing their newly learned song, “Singing in the Rain.” Be sure to watch the last verse with the head up and tongue out.


     On a personal note, I can say that I am feeling very much at home where I am at now. While many on this team are feeling homesick after being away from family for a week or so, I am looking forward to being in this part of the world for about another 7 weeks. Even with that, I am wondering if I will have enough time to accomplish everything I hope to do.

     If you are unaware of my schedule I will be in Uganda with this team for about one more week. After they leave I will be doing a brief survey trip into Kenya, then spending the last 5 weeks in South Sudan (with a possible jump back to Uganda for a big youth crusade in late August).

     If you want to follow this trip on a map as satellite coverage allows, you can do so at http://bit.ly/HGIM-SPOT/. The password is ‘evangelism’.


  • Pray for our Africa Outreach Team as they are moving around the country and ministering to many people in various situations and conditions.
  • Pray for our Pastors and Team Leaders on this trip that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and will continue to enable the team to serve and minister effectively.
  • Pray for me as the team leaves for the U.S. and I remain as the sole American on the ground here (though with many local friends at my side.)
  • Pray about making a donation to help with my personal travel costs as I move about, as well as our recent finding that we are around $7000 short of our needed funds for drilling a new water well in South Sudan.
Remember, when you see a missionary coming home broken in body and weary in soul,
it isn’t the privations or dangers or things he’s done that leave a deep hurt;
it’s the things he couldn’t do that break his heart.

One More Quick Note

     As I am spending a great amount of time in Southern Sudan, I will be mostly out of contact. There is are no internet services, and only limited phone service, usually requiring a hike up the hills near our village there. Because of this, I will probably not be sending out an update letter in August.

     Also, because I will not be able to check emails and Facebook, beginning in the next couple of weeks, I would ask that any urgent needs be directed to HGIM President, Jan Ross, at jross@heartofgodinternational.org. She will pass along word to me as soon as we are in contact.

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