June Ministry Update

Ministry Update

June has proved to be a busy month of traveling around the U.S. for me. It started with our Africa Team Training Event which was held in Cedar Rapids, IA this year. During this event we gather together with our mission outreach teams made up of people from all over the country and attempt to prepare them for the journey ahead. This year the major focus of the trip will be staff development and training at  our Christian primary school which has recently been recognized by the Uganda government as a model school for others in the country to look to as an example. This team  will be traveling in the later part of July, and will also be taking part in prison ministry, local church services, and village outreach ministry. Please keep them in prayer.

Another highlight of this year’s training event was that it was the first time since Heart of God Africa’s beginning that we have been able to gather together a group of our Africa alumni to reconnect, share memories of everything God has done, and speak words of encouragement to this year’s group. We call this group “The Elephant’s Club” and managed to gather about 17 of us together this year.


After the trip to Iowa, I have been back to checking in with my supporting churches and getting my own things in order for the Africa Mission, as I will be remaining behind when the team leaves and venturing on into Kenya and South Sudan.

Want to Serve In Haiti?

Just a quick reminder: for anyone wanting to join in on a Heart of God Mission Outreach, the next available mission will be heading to our children’s home in Godet, Haiti, just outside of Port-au-Prince in early November. The cost for this trip will be around $2250, but the first step is to let us know you’re interested. You can contact me for info or HG Haiti Executive Director, Dave Young, who will be leading this team, at dyoung@heartofgodinternational.org.

Personal Update

The one last thing on my agenda before I make final preparations and head to Africa is an invitation I received from one of my supporting churches to attend summer  church camp with their youth group in the mountains of New Mexico. I am excited to be able to go and serve their teens, but I am also expecting to be refreshed  myself through the worship, teachings, and camp activities. As a former youth pastor, I love camps and seeing God work on young people in a special way. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend one in over 4 years so this is a special treat for me!


Prayer Requests 

  • Pray about joining an upcoming HGIM mission team or planning a outreach for your church.
  • Pray for our Africa Outreach Team as they are doing last minute fundraising and making their final plans for their ministry assignments there.
  • Pray for me as I prepare not only for this mission outreach, but what will be the most rugged and disconnected journey I have taken yet. Also, pray about making a donation to help with my travel costs within Africa, as we are still a little short of the needed funds at this time.
“Missions is not about ‘What can I spare?’
The question is ‘What’s it going to take?’
Risk. Abandon. Sacrifice. Radical dependence on Christ. Everything. Are you passionately
committed to God’s glory among all peoples?” – AsiaLink Worker
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