March Ministry Update


Ministry Update

I am sad to announce that due to circumstances with the government in the Middle East, we had to cancel my outreach there that was to take place this month.

Originally I was set to fly out on March 5th for a two week outreach in one of the world’s largest, Muslim-controlled countries; however, after a visa delay which moved my departure date to the 26th, civil unrest broke out in various places around the country, leading their government to temporarily stop issuing new visas. After talking on the phone to the Consulate worker, we made the tough decision to cancel the trip for now, rather than to again rearrange flights and hope things clear up by the new date. I have now made claims with our travel insurance hoping to recover most of the costs incurred.

Now, though we have taken these steps, our expectation is still to have me on the ground there within the year. My passport is still waiting at the Consulate hoping to receive a visa before I have to request it’s return for my trip to Haiti in May, and if the visa does come through, we will try and plan the trip for early summer.

After this situation and plan-change arose, I, along with HGIM President, Jan Ross, and the Soldier’s Bible Ministry Exec. Director, John Hoben, scheduled a video Skype meeting with our partner ministry leader on the ground there. We had a nice time of fellowship and prayer for the Christians there who are once again suffering, and made plans for our continued support and ministry partnership.

One result is that HGIM is now building a Prayer Network for the Persecuted Church. We would like to invite you to join us in prayer and fasting on this Good Friday for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. Look for a new website to be announced soon, and for now, more information can be found through links on Heart of God’s Facebook page.


Personal Update

This month has been an emotional roller coaster for me dealing with the “expectation-delays-expectation-delays” of my Middle East outreach. I was very excited to be spending Easter with our brothers and sisters there, and am now having a rough time trying to rest in God’s sovereignty.

To top it off, on Tuesday, the day I should have been on a plane from Dallas to Dubai and on, I instead broke the little finger on my left hand playing with my Pastor’s kids.

In the mean time, now that I am back to the waiting game, I have been asked by my Pastor to help him develop some leadership training materials for the men in our church. Since part of my role with HGIM is training leaders around the world, I am hoping to make the most of this task by making it useable not only to my sending church, but for future ministry use as well.

Prayer Requests

I cried to him with my mouth, and high praise was on my tongue.” ~Psalm 66:17 
  • Pray for God’s leading in how we should be re-planning my Middle East Outreach.
  • Pray for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world, esp. in the 10-40 window.
  • Pray for our Haiti Outreach team now preparing for the May Trip.
  • Pray for HGIM as new ministry opportunities are continually opening up to us.