May ’14 Ministry Update

May has been a month that has gone from training people for service to serving those who helped train me.

This month began with a ministry team training, based on the handbook I spent most of April writing. This training took about a dozen people through a basic understanding of how to do personal, one-on-one ministry, including things like sharing the gospel, sharing their testimony, following the Holy Spirit’s leading, leading someone to Christ, and praying for more specific needs as the opportunity arises. The day included a lot of role-playing and hands-on training.

Many of those in attendance at this training will get the opportunity to practice the skills they learned in August as they travel to Uganda as part of a Heart of God evangelism outreach team.


Several years ago I met Mike Starling, a missionary who was born in Peru and who spent most of his life in Mexico. Since before we met, Mike was (and is) the Director of MissionQuest International, an organization that hosts missionary teams to Mexico and various other places in order to serve the local churches, evangelize the lost, and expose a young generation to the missionary life and calling.

Shortly after I met Mike, I got the invitation to travel to Mexico with him, which led to a 3-year internship which took me all over that nation, as well as to Ukraine and my first trip to Uganda. However, after college the internship ended and I moved back home to pay off debts. It has now been seven years since I last visited the Rancho La Paloma where Mike lives, or saw the people who so greatly influenced me to the missionary life.


That all changed as I had the opportunity to finish out the month of May by traveling with Mike to the ranch and see all my old friends again. It was an honor to serve the work there through hands-on labor as well as visiting and encouraging my pastor friends again. It was great being with them, sharing memories from the great times we had together years ago such as the time the truck caught fire while leading a team out of Mexico. It was equally as exciting as we made new memories like getting stopped by the drug cartel right after crossing the border. To be sure, the missionary life can be an adventure!

Looking back at the past has been exciting, yet it has also been a reminder of just how far God has brought me in the last decade. It also gives me a renewed hope for the future, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do.


  • Pray for all of us on the mission team traveling to Haiti this month.
  • Pray for Eric Ream, one of our Haiti missionaries, and me as we plan our survey trip to Israel this summer. I immediately go to Uganda from Israel.
  • Please keep our Uganda team for this summer in prayer as many are struggling to keep up their fundraising momentum.
  • Pray for my discernment to increase in decision-making as it seems God is laying out some amazing opportunities in my life right now.