July Mid-Month Ministry Update

Already the month of July has been a crazy one. I just wanted to throw in a quick update to say that stuff is moving along quickly right now.

God has blessed us with the ability to buy a car for the work here. It isn’t new, but after spending some time with mechanics getting a full tune-up, our 1991 Land Cruiser is ready to serve. I have already driven it to the center in Kenscoff twice, which is saving the money we had been spending to rent vehicles to carry food supplies, and is giving me much more safety getting around Port-au-Prince than using the motorcycle taxis.

Our “New” Car

The one immediate need with the vehicle is new tires. The current ones have very little tread left and the roads in Haiti are very bad. This is especially true of the last stretch of road to our center. After looking a few different places, it seems we are looking at about $200 each for new tires. If you would like to help with this need you can click the ‘Donate’ tab above; be sure to specify “Tires” in the comment box or on the memo line of your check. Thank you.

Also this week, we were blessed to be joined by a volunteer team from Life Paths Global Alliance based in Ontario, Canada, who came to do a medical clinic with our children on Monday. Unfortunately on the way up the mountain we were met with an overheating engine, and then a major storm that blew in knocking down trees and power lines. The decision had to be made to return to Port-au-Prince and not risk the drive up to the center.

The ride back down the mountain in the back of the truck with freezing rain was not fun. This was then followed by a motorcycle ride home for me and my translator, Junior, during which we found the rain waters all over again, as you can see in the video:

The team is trying to work their schedule to be able to come do the medical clinic on Friday, but if they are unable, the doctor in charge of the project had promised to come with some of his own staff next week.

The plan is that this working relationship will lead to regular check-ups with our kids, and will give us a doctor in the city who already has medical records on our children that we can bring them to in case of sickness or emergency.

Please keep me in your prayers as my t0-do list is growing quickly while the number of hours in a day are not. With a new means of transportation, I hope to be able to report some successfully completed projects in the near future, so stay tuned.