Middle East Outreach


UPDATE, MARCH 20, 2013:

As I posted in the last update on here, there was some religious and political uprising in country which ended with the destruction of around 300 Christian homes, among injuries and other damages. As we have still been waiting for my visa to come back, the feeling of the HGIM leadership  and the people on the ground there was that my trip was delayed in an act of Divine protection, but the expectation was still that this trip would move forward this month.

Still not having my visa back from the consulate and with plans changed to leave next week, I finally managed to get in touch with the Visa office today (after many failed attempts), to find out the status of my application. What I understood her to say was that the Consular General here in the U.S. has already flagged my application for approval, with a few others ahead of mine, but the delay in final approval is coming from the national government there, which, because of the recent riots and uprisings, has put a hold on issuing any visas to foreign visitors. She told me that in their office there is not expectation that this will open up in the next week, making our current plans unable work out.

What this means is that for now this trip is on an indefinite delay until the government there begins to allow new visas to foreigners. We still fully believe that this is not a “stop” for this outreach, only a “wait,” so please keep this as a matter of prayer.

UPDATE, MARCH 11, 2013:

To everyone praying for this mission outreach, I just wanted to give another quick update. I still don’t have my visa back, but I am pretty optimistic about it, still. However, I have been receiving many news updates from our contacts on the ground in this country and in the last few days there has been a major rise in rioting and persecution of Christians in the area where our outreach is to take place. There have been homes burned, acid and stones thrown at believers, and political protests from both sides. While I have not been directly told whether these things will cause problems or safety issues with our outreach specifically, I would ask, not just for my benefit, but especially for our brothers and sisters in this country, that you would pray for peace and that the government would stand up for justice in this situation.

UPDATE, MARCH 4, 2013:

Due to an unexpected delay in getting a visa from the consulate of my destination country, we have had to reschedule all of the flights on our end, and arrangements are being modified for the outreaches in the Middle East. Although frustrating, I believe that God still has plans to used this outreach, and because the budget had not fully been reached, I now have more time to raise the necessary funds to complete everything on the agenda. The new dates for this outreach are March 26-April 15.

Though this change is inconvenient and even a little discouraging, I want to thank you for your  support for this trip and ask that you will continue to cover it all in prayer. Everything happens in the Lord’s timing, and this work is no different.

In the mean time, I do ask that you will continue to spread the word about this outreach as we continue to raise the funds for both the ministry and the costs incurred with the delay.


As most of you know, I have a big outreach coming up, planned for March, in a middle eastern country. (For security reasons, I can’t give the specific destination online.) Working with John Hoben, Executive Director for Soldier’s Bible Ministry, HGIM President Jan Ross, and our partner in the ministry there, we have come up with a plan for the mission and a proposed budget.

To give some specifics about the trip, I will be arriving in the target country and spending 3 days getting to know the leaders of our partner ministry there, and planning what’s ahead. From there we will travel to a major city and will commence 7 nights of open-air outreaches in the surrounding area. Please begin praying for God’s move and salvation decisions to come through these meetings. The days will be spent meeting with ministry leaders and government contacts to begin exploring a continued ministry in this area as God opens doors.

Today I am asking specifically for financial help with this mission. With my time in Haiti putting me out of touch for the last several months, fundraising is now a major hurdle in making this mission happen.

The costs on the ground, including the needs for the series of outdoor meetings is roughly $3000. The flight is around $2000. And in leaving a little room for incidentals that we have missed, I would like to have at least an extra $500 in hand. That brings the total to $5500, with about 5.5 weeks to get in in.


If you are able to give a gift of any amount, please, as soon as you are able, go to my Donation page and do so. Please specify that the money is for the “10-40 Outreach.”

You can also help by spreading the word around. Share this link on your Facebook or Twitter, or email it to your friends.

I really do believe God has big things in store for this outreach. Will you help us make it happen?