Ministry Update – August 2012


August has definitely been a month filled with many highs and lows, but God’s goodness has and will continue to prove faithful to us. The month began in preparation for a visit from Heart of God Haiti’s Executive Director, Dave Young, and a team that included HGIM President Jan Ross, two HG Haiti advisory board members, and another young woman praying about coming to Haiti as my relief next year.

The team was fired up to see all the good things God has been doing here since the last trip, and was able to make some plans for the immediate future including formalizing a child-sponsorship program and moving forward with some much-needed building projects at the center.

After the team left, it didn’t take long for the joy to turn to fear as we became aware that Tropical Storm Isaac was set to reach hurricane status and pass right over Port-au-Prince. However, many of you took this straight to prayer and as a result the storm did not measure up to expectations, nor did not cross over the city. Unfortunately, one strong gust of wind at the end of the storm did manage to take the roof off of the orphanage.

The good thing is that none of our children or staff were injured; just a bit shaken up. They are now sleeping inside the church, having put benches together and laid mattresses on top. Meanwhile, construction has begun to put the roof back on.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers and a special “thanks” to those of you who have donated to the reconstruction projects. Though you are not with me in person, my work would not be possible without your faithful dedication to my ministry.

The Salvant family has returned to Haiti, and I have moved out of their house. Though there was a short period of crisis trying to figure out where I’d live next, I am now staying at a nice guesthouse up the mountain; closer to the orphanage.

Staying here has the benefit of much cooler temperatures (who thought I’d need a hoodie in the Caribbean?) and it gives me the opportunity to daily oversee the rebuilding projects.

If I were to be honest, Haiti has began to wear me out a little bit, but I can honestly say that God is proving Himself faithful, not only to our ministry, but to me personally. He is giving me a personal understanding of what it means that when we are weak, He is strong.

This is definitely the perfect training ground for the ministry God has called me to, and I truly am thankful for the new lessons I am learning from Him everyday

“Whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the kingdom”  ~Charles Spurgeon

  • Pray for God to send revival; that salvation and healing will come to this nation.
  • Pray for Heart of God Haiti’s funding for the immediate reconstruction needs and other property development projects in the months ahead.
  • Pray for God’s direction for Heart of God Haiti as the mission continues to develop.