Ministry Update – June 2011

Well, June is here and 2011 is almost half way over with. This year has brought some exciting changes into my life, and has recently developed some official plans for the future.

As a lot of you know, during my trip to Uganda last year I was offered a missionary position with the Heart of God International Ministries (HGIM) network ( I accepted the title of Minister of Evangelism pending a return home to try and pay off some debts before committing to a full-time missionary role with the organization.

Upon my return, I took a job as a truck driver in the oil fields – a job which I actually find pretty enjoyable and the pay is good. Since taking this job, I have paid off my credit card debts, my Jeep, and had some dental work done. All that is left is to pay off are my student loans which I hope to finish up sometime in October.

In January I will fully assume my role as Minster of Evangelism which will afford me many great opportunities to share the gospel around the globe as well as take part in many different church planting and leadership training ventures and doing various humanitarian works in some very impoverished places.

Two weeks ago I flew to Ohio to meet with the Heart of God Board of Directors to gain a better understanding of the individual ministries within the network and to finalize the decision that my first assignment as a full-time missionary is going to be spending a large portion of 2012 in Haiti working in the Heart of God Orphanage there.

The orphanage in Haiti has 77 children and a staff of indigenous pastors, teachers, assistants and a doctor.  There is a lot of work to be done as these children have suffered the loss of parents and life as they once knew it during the 2010 earthquake.  Several of the children are amputees; many others still deal with emotional trauma in the aftermath of such devastation.

So far I have spent all of my time with HGIM working with the East Africa division prepping for this summer’s trip back to Uganda (my 3rd visit). Because the Men’s Ministry Director for East Africa is unable to attend this trip, I have been put in charge of handling the two men’s conferences we will be conducting while there as well as doing various other things to help the EA Director while on the field.

Now that I am looking at a few months in Haiti, I am quickly realizing I will be up against a completely different animal than I have faced before in any of my missionary travels. To prepare, I have been studying the history of Haiti with it’s seemingly endless chain of dictators and looking at how the impoverished culture has in some ways become even more aggressive after facing the devastating 2010 earthquake and the major cholera outbreak at the beginning of 2011. To top it all off, on the spiritual side of things it has been said by some that the religion in Haiti is 80% Catholic, 20% Protestant, and 100% Voodoo.

While the spiritual aspects and the violence toward white Americans will be two of the major things I face once I am in Haiti, getting there is the first obstacle I must overcome.

The leadership of Heart of God-Haiti, as well as the HGIM Board of Directors has decided that the situation in Haiti needs someone on the ground there as soon as possible to coordinate with other NGOs in order to guarantee a continued supply of food for the orphanage, as well as to set up some administrative systems for dealing with the government, finances, and donor communications. Because of the urgency of the situation, it has been decided that I will delay a formal deputation (fundraising period) until I return home after my assignment has been completed and my purpose accomplished in Haiti.

I need to begin raising as much support for this trip as I can now because I won’t be guaranteed any major support other than for the bare necessities while there.  Therefore,I am looking for people now who will join with me both prayerfully and financially for this mission as I seek to provide both physically and spiritually for these orphans and workers in the most destitute country in the western hemisphere.

We anticipate that I will need to raise funding of around $400-500 per month while there; I will be there for up to 6 months. I am looking for any individuals or churches who would be willing to sponsor my missionary work temporarily, at least until I can return home from Haiti and begin formal deputation. Any one-time gifts will be very much appreciated, but I am also seeking sponsors who would be willing to give a monthly gift on my behalf so that this work can be done.

If you or your church would like to sponsor me please feel free to contact me for more information at If your church is interested in learning more, I would be happy to be scheduled to present the ministry to your congregation.  Although I have limited dates of availability because of my work schedule through the end of the year, I would love to talk with you to discuss possible dates.

Any donations should be directed to:

Scott Ingram

c/o Heart of God International

P.O. Box 248

Willard, OH 44890

Checks should be made out to HGIM, or you can also donate through Paypal to Please specify that your donations are directed toward ‘Scott Ingram’.

Again, your financial gift of any size is very much appreciated.  While I am very excited to begin my first assignment as Heart of God Minister of Evangelism, I sincerely covet your prayers for my work and safety while in Haiti.

Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone who may be interested in this work.  If you would like to learn more about Heart of God, my assignment to Haiti, or to be added to my mailing list for future updates, please let me know.