Ministry Update – October 2011


My move to full-time missions is officially underway, as I have given notice at my regular job. Most of you know that I have been driving an 18-wheeler to knock out all of my student loan debt. Officially, the driving job ends December 23rd, and on January 9th I will begin my move to Haiti.

For those of you who may not know, Heart of God International is the parent organization of the Heart of God Haiti under the leadership of David Young, CPA, from Rochester, NY. Their orphanage, Victory Center, is located in Kenscoff, having moved there from Port au Prince during the past few months to provide a safer environment for the children and staff. I will have the privilege of going “on staff” at the center for the first 5-6 months of 2012, working the church plant and at the orphanage there.

As I have been discussing my time there with the Executive Director of Heart of God-Haiti, many of my efforts will be spent training the staff be “more effective” in their mission by showing them how to set goals, prioritize them, and then see them through. The goal is to help them become self-sufficient in their work and church life without the need for outside assistance and oversight. My work will also include working with the government and other non-profits in order to ensure the well-being of the children, bettering the sponsorship program, and looking to gain the legal ability to grant adoptions.


Following my assignment in Haiti, I will be leading an evangelistic team to London, England, and Cardiff, Wales in July/August, 2011. We will be sharing the gospel with travelers from all over the world who will be gathering for the Summer Olympics. I would ask you to seriously pray and consider whether God would have you be a part of this team as we literally have the ability to “reach the nations” with the Good News. We are taking applications now. The dates for this trip are July 25-August 2, and the cost is $2899. There is a $100 discount, though, for all applicants signed up by November 15. You can find more information here, or on the Facebook event page.


My major challenge as I move out of the day-to-day workforce and into full-time missions is the process of fundraising. My role with HGIM is completely voluntary and as such I am responsible for raising funds to cover my own living expenses and work funds. When I return from Haiti I will begin a formal missionary “deputation” process, visiting churches around the country, sharing the vision of Heart of God International, and seeking donors who feel led to join my support team. But even now, I would challenge you to pray about coming alongside my ministry through financial support and prayer. Making a donation is easier than ever. Just click here to go to my donor page.


  • Please pray for my transition to the field, that I will be ready mentally and spiritually for the stress and enemy attacks that are about to come my way. Also, because this will be a long time overseas, pray for my family in the States who get plagued with worry.
  • Although I am not at liberty to disclose specifics, I ask that you will pray for a family I know who are going through a time of severe attacks from the enemy, specifically playing out in their son’s mental and emotional stability.
  • As I have already mentioned, please pray about joining the 2012 Olympics Outreach team.

As always if you have any questions, prayer requests, or want to schedule me for a speaking event you can contact me directly at or 1-888-91PSALM (888-917-7256) ext. 1. You can also subscribe to my weekly blog and all my ministry updates at

May God continue to bless you,
Scott Ingram