September Ministry Update


September came to a close with me back in the U.S.A. preparing for a busy last quarter of the year with the Annual HGIM Board meeting in October, planning for some big things in 2014, and getting back to much needed personal fundraising efforts.

My time in East Africa ended well with many new opportunities for involvement in the region. After the Youth Ablaze 2013 conference in Uganda, I had to take care of some necessary administrative activities at King’s Primary School. The unfortunate needs led to the dismissal of a teacher, but all parties met on good terms and departed with prayers for one another. The school is now in it’s final quarter of this academic year which will finish in December.

From Uganda, I traveled by overnight bus to Nairobi, Kenya, to spend my final days with a long-time friend of Heart of God Africa, David Gathura, and to explore his work and dreams for the children of Kenya.

David runs a self-help program which functions as a pre-school up to third grade for impoverished children in his area. His school (pictured above) is built of tin sheets on the roof of a small business complex and has around 40 students (pictured below).

David also took me to his home village where I met his wonderful family and saw the fruit of many years of faithful missionary service in Kenya through the Africa Inland Mission Church and Hospital. It was an honor to preach in this church where so many men and women of God have labored for well over a century sharing the love and testimony of Jesus Christ.


Many of you have already expressed interest in joining Heart of God on a mission outreach in 2014. Now is the time to start making those plans sure and begin the fundraising process. I would love to talk with you about joining an already-forming team or how we can work together to plan an outreach specifically for your church or group.

To kick off 2014, I will personally be leading a team to Haiti to practice “true religion” as we visit the orphans and “orphans of poverty” living in Heart of God’s children’s home; we will also be doing community outreach and improvement projects. (Other missions for Haiti will be scheduled during the HGIM Board Meeting.)

For Heart of God Africa, we are already in the planning stages is a South Sudan outreach in late June. A teacher-training trip to Uganda (probably) in July, and another trip to Uganda that will be a split between evangelistic outreach and attending Youth Ablaze 2014 in August. This schedule means I will be staying in East Africa at least from June to the end of August. I would love to talk about adding more to this schedule if your group is interested.

Again, all teams are just beginning to form, and more trips into other areas will be decided on at our Board Meeting later in October, but the earlier you sign on, the better our planning can be and the longer you will have to get your funds raised. Please contact me at or call me at 817-614-3211 to begin discussing the opportunities and details of your involvement.



Coming home is always hard for me and takes some time to adjust. The intensity of the spiritual climate and warfare often faced on the mission field is very different from what I experience at home doing administrative tasks. Both are necessary, but coming home usually puts me into a state of spiritual boredom and I can’t wait to get back to the field. I am very thankful that I have a supportive church and strong accountability relationships that press me through these times of transition.

The other downside of coming back to West Texas is the attack of allergies. I have been put out of commission the last few days by them. But thankfully I am getting over them with my special blend of over the counter medications and haven’t had to seek professional medical help this time around.


  • Pray for Heart of God’s Board of Directors as they prepare to gather in October to make decisions about the ministry and plan the 2014 calendar.
  • Pray for my fundraising efforts over the next few months.
  • Pray for all the mission teams beginning to form for 2014, and pray about joining one yourself.
  • HGIM’s October Prayer Guide can be downloaded here.
“The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.” 
– Henry Martyn, missionary to India and Persia