(Soon to be) Hurricane Isaac


Dear Friends,

Please keep Haiti as a top priority in your prayers for at least the next 72 hours. It looks like Tropical Storm Isaac — soon to be Hurricane Isaac — will be coming right over the top of Port-au-Prince. Because of the 2010 earthquake, there are still over 400,000 people living in tent cities in PaP, mostly in makeshift shelters made of sticks and tarps. They are the most at risk.

Please also offer up specific prayer for Heart of God‘s orphanage and the 17 kids who live there full-time. The building is not completely closed off (there is about 6 inches open between walls and ceiling) and the roof is only wooden rafters and tin sheeting.

We have also been preparing to shore up a wall on the church where erosion is happening pretty rapidly threatening the foundation, and too much water could wash it out and knock down the wall completely.

Where I am staying, I feel pretty secure and have made the necessary preparations to wait it out. The kids are my primary worry at this point. If God doesn’t intervene, this could be a major setback to a lot of our work getting them a better living condition and also to Haiti’s reconstruction as a whole, which seems to only recently be gaining good momentum.