The Lesser of Two Evils?

Today I am faced with quite a predicament. On November 4th I will be traveling to Panama on a church mission trip, so today I need to go to the courthouse and vote early. The problem is, that even with the full election only a couple of weeks away, I still cannot see myself voting for either presidential candidate.

Everyday my inbox is flooded with emails on why Obama is evil and cannot be trusted. Honestly, I don’t trust the man, but not because he is black. Not because he has a Muslim background. Not because of Bill Ayers, or any of the other things you see in the news. Deep down, I don’t trust him because it is how I have been brought up – Republican. Most democrats scare me. Not the people, but the things they seem to believe to be true.

On the other side, I hate the idea of voting for John McCain. I know he is a war hero and that he has all the experience, etc. But since I first became interested in politics after 9/11, all I have ever known of John McCain is that he flip flops on too many issues, he lies without excuse, and I have learned that he cannot be trusted.

People keep telling me that I have to pick the lesser of two evils. Most of them (being that I am still in west Texas) say that, meaning that I have to vote John McCain. But I hate that my only option is to pick whichever one is the least unfavorable. I mean, I understand each party’s beliefs on government, foreign policy and economics, but when we come right down to today, neither of them become favorable.

On the democratic side we have a candidate who will not go to war just because it is good business (that’s good to me), in fact, they want to stop spending excessively on a war that will never really end at the rate we are going (also good to me). But then they also want to instill higher taxes and have government controls over business. They support big government which costs more and takes freedoms out of the individual’s hands. None of that sounds good to me.

On the republican side, we have a candidate who is definatly a warmonger, as shown in his history, support of staying indefinitely in Iraq, and spending more and more money on newer military technology (I believe that war cannot lead to peace, it only births hatred and more war, so this is bad to me). McCain also supports tax cuts and letting people control their own lives (this is good to me). I don’t like the huge tax cuts for big business, but I also don’t like higher taxes on myself from the other party so this one is better.

Presidential election are more than just choosing the leader of the free world, sometimes it is literally a matter of life and death. For example: If I vote for Barak Obama, I am voting to strengthen Roe v. Wade, and make abortion more legal than it already is. But, if I vote for McCain, he will fight to make abortion illegal, yet he will send more of our countries ‘greatest resource’ overseas to fight and continue to die. Which one is better, to die before birth or at age 17?

To state this very clearly: I don’t want to vote for Barak Obama. I don’t want to vote for John McCain. I am stuck.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for or anything like that, but I am going to encourage you to think a little bit before you do. Don’t think that this is just another election that will come and go. This will decide our fate for at least the next four years. So pray about it. Seek God’s will. And vote with some kind of conviction. T.hen, when whoever wins sucks (because he will), take peace in the sovereignty of God (see Daniel 2:20-21)

I know this is a jumbled rant, but leave me your thoughts.