Tropical Storm Isaac Photo Updates

As long as internet holds up, I’ll try and post an updated picture every couple of hours so you guys can see what’s happening here. If you want to find it on a map, I am in the Santo area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. You can also track the storm here to see what’s overhead right now.

It started to drizzle about 30 minutes before this set of photos and the wind has started gusting pretty good every little bit.

This storm still hasn’t picked up much. It’s slow moving, and all day has just slowly been building. The rain is just now hitting us pretty good. It’s raining bad at the orphanage in the mountains, but until now hasn’t done more than drizzle here. I also just posted an update from Pastor Justin at the orphanage that you can read over here.

From where we are sitting we still haven’t gotten much of anything, other than some pretty pictures of clouds. I’m guessing that the storm is going to have to move closer and come over the mountains before we will get much of the rain included. But, hey, I’ll take all the pretty pictures I’m getting and be content without any of the destruction that can come with it. The mountains to the south and southeast of us are still getting hit pretty consistently with the rain.

Had to take these pics an hour early. It’s dark early tonight thanks to the clouds. House internet has stopped working. I’m on my Natcom data stick now. We’ll see how long it lasts… The wind has started consistently blowing here now, and slowly gaining strength. It’s gonna be an interesting night.

One other thing, I did realize that I put the pics in the wrong order… I’ll correct them soon, but for now, from left to right they should be labelled SouthEast, NorthEast, West…

Unfortunately for picture update’s sake, all the bad part of the storm happened between sundown and sunrise. For Haiti’s sake, we were very fortunate in Port-au-Prince to have missed the major part of the storm. There are still big gusts of wind, and we will probably keep having rain all day today. But there is no major damage in our neighborhood where I am staying. I’ll be getting out another update from the orphanage later, after I talk to Pastor Justin, but for now, unless for some reason a tornado pops up in these clouds, these will probably be the last pics I post of the sky. (Although, if I do get out today to have a look around town, I’ll post pics of that later.) Thank you so much for all the prayers. God definitely diverted major destruction away from here. Now keep praying for Cuba and Florida.


In response to a private message I received, which said, “Bro, your storm pics are the most boring storm pics I’ve ever seen,” all I can say is, “GREAT!” I am so glad that these storm pics are boring because it means the destructive power of the storm was held back from us. I know they are not exciting, news-worthy pics. And I am so grateful for that fact. Let Hollywood entertain our senses, and let’s praise God for His restraining actual destructive forces.