Uganda 2011 – Update #1


It has been a busy few days for us here in Uganda. The trip took it’s toll on many of the team members, and some are barely recovering from 2-3 days of travel. Among the team already we have had some sleeplessness, headaches, reactions to medicines, weariness, nausea and vomiting, but through it all, the consensus is that God is using this team, and each member here has a purpose.

The first day we did a conference for men and a conference for women, before merging the two for the final session. Although neither conference went exactly according to the plans we made, God did what He desired and all of the people enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and teaching. We shared testimonies and heard stories of God saving people out of many desperate situations. One man said his father beat him every day, so he devised a plan to kill his father. Then God saved Him, and rather than killing his father, he has become a pastor in a church.

The next day the team went to Luzira Women’s Prison for the second year. This year, much grace was given to our team because our local HIGM Team Member, Saphan, and our organization has earned the respect of the prison leadership. Last night, Saphan explained to the team that it was a special treat for our team as they entered the prison because the guards lined up at the gate in formation around us. He then told us that this is a special honor reserved only for 3 people: the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Commissioner General, and the President. Why then were we greeted with such an honer? In Saphan’s words, “Because we were being preceded by the King of Kings.”

Yesterday, the team traveled to another prison and greeted the entire group. HGIM-East Africa Director, Denise Matthews and team member Aaron Green spoke to the group, and 16 people put their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, including 7 Muslims.


Following the prison, we traveled down rough roads and small jungle paths (in our 15 passenger vans), to visit the mother of one of the prisoners who is in very bad health and now caring for her grandchildren. She has very little resources, so the kids are forced to scavenge for Mangos. As the team arrived we presented her with 100 kilograms of Posho – a corn meal that is very high in nutrients – and 25 kilograms of beans. We also took clothes and some gifts for the children. As we crammed into the woman’s small home, she told us that she has felt like she’s alone in the ocean, helpless and being beaten by the waves, but God saw her, knew her situation, and brought a group of people around the world to visit her and bless her in her home. She gave herself to the Lord as Savior!

It is now morning. The team is slowly making their way to breakfast. Then we will get in the vans and head East to Tororo, where will be doing another men’s conference, a youth rally, a “Vacation Bible School” type program for the kids at Smile Africa, and training the Smile Africa workers in First Aid and CPR.

We are in high expectations that God is only getting started in what He is doing through us. Please pray that we will be sensitive to His leading, and that God will give us the grace to bear much fruit.